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José Fernández Senior editor

HP Quick Launch Buttons is an application that allows the use of multimedia buttons on they keyboard. Most computer keyboards and most recently laptops come with multimedia buttons and what are called quick launch buttons. HP Quick Launch Buttons is Hewlett Packard's software solution to enable and control the functions of the buttons included in their laptops and desktops.
Once this tiny program is installed, an application sits in the tray and allows users to control the applications or action that a single button press will execute. On most laptops, the buttons controlled by this application are Quickplay, DVD, Rewind, Play/Pause, Fast-Forward, Stop, Mute, Volume Down and Volume Up. By default, the actions assigned to those buttons are self-explanatory. Quickplay will automatically open a Media Player of your choosing and DVD will start-up a DVD player. Or, on new models, if the computer is off, it will automatically go to a DVD player that is stored in the computer's BIOS, which saves the user the time that takes to boot up Windows to watch a DVD.


  • Ease of use, it's small but packs a punch.


  • None.
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  All comments (13)
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    Osamuyi Okpame 3 years ago
    — HP Quick Launch Buttons
    Pros: It feels like magic!!..very fast and efficient.
    Cons: .. none!

    My laptop is faster and everything works like magic with this feature. I love the way it display on screen. So attractive and makes me more productive . Wow!

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    Sylvain_B 4 years ago

    Very useful to save time !

  • 0
    Shohom 4 years ago